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Environmental Effort


We will work on pollution prevention and continuous improvement of environmental management system and environmental performance by setting an environmental policy with a unit effort of all department of the company, in the recognition that environmental conservation is one of the important missions as a good corporate citizen in global society.

Environmental Policy

1.Implementation of an environment-friendly management system

  • Environment-friendly design of products
  • Emission limitation of factory waste
  • Control and prevention of pollution caused by the use of chemical substance
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Green procurement approach

2.Regulatory compliance and establishment of independent control criterion that apply to the company

3.Establishment of specific target and goal, derive for achievement of them and continuous improvement in the system

This environmental policy is to conduct educational activity and awareness campaign for all employees of the company and relevant people, and keep them informed.

This environmental policy is opened to the public because it is commonly available.