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Business Creed For your needs and wants



We believe that it is customers who decide quality value and that offering high calue to customers every day will lead increased satisfaction.

Our first step is working on quality by technical innovation.

Most of the conventional ampoules are one-point-cut now.

We are the first company in Japan to have developed it, and the technologic capability still remains alive and sustains our product quality.

Our production and instrument are in-house made, and expert visual checkers, operators, and established quality system meet the soaring required level of quality.


2.Stable Supply

From a viewpoint of stable supply to customers, we purchase glass tubing material from world-leading manufacturer including Japan to meet the required level in Japan to achieve stable supply.

We also have our own warehouse for products and tubing both inside and outside the company, and are always ready to respond to the customer's sudden demand.

Foreign glass tubing manufacturers never suspend production for maintenance, because they have many fusing furnaces.

We can obtain glass tubing in 5 days after placement of rash order ad the earliest due to the rise og airfreight.

As you can see, we adopt a system which allows extremely stable supply to provide containers suitable for drug characteristic.



We purchase foreign-made glass tubin directly from the manufacturers, and try to cut down expense by high-efficiently producing ampoules from all tubing.

Therefore, it allows us to supply high-products at reasonable prices.